Translating Cities in the Netherlands -Cities in Europe

This book is published by PBL in English, now is translated by East & West Urban Consultancy into Chinese.

It contains two parts, Cities in the Netherlands, which examines cities in the context of the “Dutch Agenda Stad”, covers three topics that are vital for the city: economy, liveability, and innovation. The other part, Cities in Europe, looks at urban developments across Europe within the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The book has many interesting infographics that show facts and figures on recent urban development, challenges and opportunities, many European cities are compared with each other and recent trends are described, such as those in migration, risk of urban poverty and urban-rural divergence in employment growth. All of these has given us a clear picture of urbanization in the Netherlands and in European countries.

What we have done: translating and editing

Client: PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency