• What ever you are a private architectural company looking for opportunities in the Chinese market, or you are a Chinese urban planning bureau who would like to cooperate with a specialized Dutch office, we will bring you together. Even more we will give you good advice that you might not think of it and we think it will be important for you to archive your goal.

    We are strong in connecting government urban planning organizations together to cooperate (China and European countries) because we have a broad network of government and semi- government organizations in urban planning.

  • 1.Trainings and study visit

    We give trainings for Chinese scholars about sustainable urban development in the Netherlands.

    We organize tailor made study visit and missions for urban planners for EU countries to China and for Chinese colleagues to European cities in the theme of sustainable development, urban renewal, resilient city, senior housing development etc.

  • 2. Organizing academy activities

    We organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions & conferences related to urban issues in China, together with EU organizations, Dutch municipalities, NGO’s and private consultancy companies.

    We invite Chinese Urban Planning organizations to participate international conferences and guide their official visit in the Europe.

  • 3. Consultancy

    Match making for organisations / companies in all levels of urban planning and architecture.

  • 4. Translate

    We supply interpreting services for the topics such as urban development, urban planning and architectural design during studyvisits, conferences and business negotiations, from English, Dutch to Chinese, or vice visa.

  • 5. Lecturing

    Our experts give lectures in conferences, seminars and trainings on theme of sustainable urban development, urban regeneration, silver industry (elderly home care system).