About us

  • We are a company based in the Netherlands with expertise in urban planning, specializing in promoting knowledge and experience exchange in sustainable urban (re)development between China and Europe. We have a broad network of contacts in urban planning in Chinese and European Metropolitan cities at both local and central government level.

    Our goals: to build a bridge between East and West, to facilitate the dialogue between Chinese and European cities in order to make our world more sustainable.

    Our core values: the people, the process and the result.

  • Why choose us?

    We are the only company in the Netherlands with expertise in sustainable architecture & urban planning with an understanding of cultural differences. We have experts on different disciplines in above fields, we have intensive contacts with public & private organisations (EU, the Netherlands and China). Hence, we have not only the know how, but also we do. We communicate in Dutch, English and Chinese.

  • Our team of experts

    We have experts from a broad subjects in sustainable urban (re)development who form a good team and give solid advice on sustainable traffic & transportation, urban renewal, landscape design, urban water & ecological planning, urban conservation and senior housing development.

  • The founder of the company

    The founder of the company, Ms. Xiaocun Ruan, has more than 25 years working experience as urban planer in both-private and public sectors in the Netherlands and in China, with an outstanding understanding of the differences in cultures between East and West. Connecting people, disciplined organizing and target orientated working are her strongest qualities. Her achievements and accomplishments are due to her ambition for sustainable urban development.

Xiaocun Ruan

Owner/Director/Urban Planner

Our clients and cooperation partners


  • China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
  • Urban Planning Society of China
  • Beijing Urban Planning & Design Research Institute
  • Beijing University of Technology
  • Shanghai Urban Planning & Design Research Institute
  • Shanghai Urban Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau
  • Tongji University Urban Planning institute/Urban Development Branch
  • Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Municipal Government Housing Support and Building Management Bureau
  • Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
  • Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Research Institute
  • Urbanspace B.V Shenzhen

The Netherlands

  • Avans university of applied sciences
  • World Water Authority (Amsterdam) 
  • PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
  • Municipality The Hague Department Spatial Planning,
  • Municipality Rotterdam Department City Development
  • International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)
  • Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion
  • Archiprix International
  • Palmbout Urban Landscape 
  • Techniplan Advieseurs BV Rotterdam
  • TU Delft Department of Architecture
  • BGSV Office for Urban Planning & Landscape
  • Döll Architects
  • Dutch Health Architects
  • JA architects
  • KAW Architects
  • Molenaar & Co Architects
  • Tekton Architects

European organization

  • The Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas (METREX)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammemarbeit (GIZ)
  • GOPA Consulting Group
  • Ministry of Environment and Land Management Community of Madrid, Spain
  • Vienna City Council Urban Planning Department, Austria
  • Regional Office for Spatial Planning of West Pomeranian Region, Poland
  • Hamburg, Ministry for Urban Development and Housing