Promoting Sustainable Thermal Energy Technique

Together with Techniplan Advieseurs BV Rotterdam, we promote and apply the sustainabe technology of “Deriving Energy from Surface Water for the Sustainable Acclimatization of densely built Areas”. Examples of making good use of natural resources are water in the rivers and sea, generate thermal energy and storing thermal energy in underground wells. Through the energy exchange from the underground wells, the warm/cool energy can be used to supply the cooling and the heating for the existing and new building. This technique has been widely applied in the Netherlands, but not yet in China. That is the reason why we promote and try to apply it in Shanghai (China) and other cities which are located near rivers and sea.

What we have done:

  • Exploring the possibility to apply the advanced thermal energy technique in the housing project Shanghai,
  • Making a concept plan and giving advise for “Yu Island -Treasure Mansion” Housing project on the Chang Xing Island Shanghai

Clients and partners:

  • Shanghai Municipal Government Housing Support and Building Management Bureau
  • Shanghai Dong Yi -Zhi Ye Development co.
  • Techniplan Advieseurs BV Rotterdam