BNR radio China podcast about sustainable development in China

How is the sustainable development in China?  What are the policy and steps Chinese government has taken since then? What has China achieved these years? 

Since 2014, president Xi has clearly mentioned that in China should have “ecological civilization” besides material, spirituel & political civilization.  Since then, eco cities and resilient cities are developed in a great scale and rapid tempo. 

In short, China has achieved dramatic improvement in these fields: 

  • Improved dramatically air quality by moving out factories and strict environmental regulation 
  • Improvement on water quality (river, lake and sea), providing clean and safe water for everyone 
  • Energy transition, more clean energy instead of coal use
  • More green in the city, more tree planting, redevelop forest …..
  • Smart technics in sustainable development of urban and rural areas. 

How have they done? What are the methods for implementation? If you would like to know more, please listen to the BNR-radio China podcast (last edition) about recent policy and improvement in sustainable urban & rural development in China, East West Urban Consultancy and China Circle have shared their views with us.