Urban renewal pilot project “Bai Wan Zhuan residential area” in Beijing

East West Urban Consultancy, BGSV bureau voor Stedenbouw B.V, Molenaar & Co Architecten, TU Delft and Beijing University of Technology have been together recently to discuss the possibility of forming a consortia for a urban renewal project in Beijing ‘Bai Wan Zhuan residential area’ – an area which has been built under of soviet style influence, but definitely with Chinese traditional architectural and own characters in the 1950’s.

The ideas are to have a seminar and workshop in Beijing with local professionals, government officials and residents, in order to show the Dutch experiences on urban renewal, an integrated process with different parties, urban planners, architects, engineers, developers, government officials and residents.

Through the lectures from the Dutch experts, the Chinese colleagues will learn how to organise a process negotiating with different parties, new techniques of building renovation etc.

The Dutch experts will also take part in the workshop and give their pieces of advice . The results of the workshop will be presented in a book or on the website.

Any companies who are related to urban renewal, especially related to the new techniques and equipments used in renovating buildings are very welcome to join us. We will form a consortium a to bring our knowledge, experiences and knowhow to Beijing. China is entering a new era, now that cities are undergoing renovating the existing areas. There is a great opportunity for Dutch experts to be successful in the field of urban renewal in China.

Let’s be together and do it.