Tianjing Eco-city development strategy forum

On 17 December 2020 a highlevel forum on urban development strategy of Tianjing Eco City (joint development between China and Singapore) has been held in Tianjin. In the wholeday’s forum, experts from China, Singapore and Europe have given presentations on smart city, eco city, resilient city and smart industry development. Q & A sessions were given after every presentation. The participants were from Ministry of Housing and Urban & Rural Development, Singapore Ministry of development, Tianjin Eco-city Administration Office and related companies. 

East West Urban Consultancy was invited for a presentation on Resilient City Development- strategy and implementation in the Dutch Cities. The presentation firstly introduced the European Green Deal, then described the strategy in Rotterdam & in Amsterdam, finally best practice examples were shown. Policy is important, but the way towards to goals should also be concrete and clear. Only everyone and all stakeholders cooperate, we can reach our goal- being Co2 neutral in 2050.