Shenzhen competition coming soon

Shenzhen Qianhai Project Bureau is planning a Design Competition in the coming months (January –February 2018). It is about an area called “City’s Living Room” – Qianhai which has a 50 ha surface and is situated at the west corner of the City Shenzhen . The competition includes urban designs and requires a research (programma van eisen) for a group of public buildings such as theatre, museum and conference centre.

The competition is only for the invitees (3 parties in total) and the prize is from 5milion RMB (1st prize) to 1,5 million RMB yuan (3rd prize). The winner of this competition will be automatically invited to the following round competition for individual building’s design.

Among the 3 invitees, two are world famous architect offices from outside China, the other one is the one of the best urban planning & design research Institute in China. The Chinese company is looking for a partner to form a team in order to take part in the competition.

Any well-known architect offices who have above expertise on public buildings and are willing to take this challenge in order to win the competition, please contact us as soon as possible. We match you with the Chinese partner who has high potential to win the competition.

East & West Urban Consultancy is commissioned by the Urban Planning & Design Institute in China to look for and recommend the suitable Dutch Architectural Office for this competition.