Zhuhai Resilient City & Flood Prevention Training & Workshop

Under the EC-LINK project, Dutch experts Team (Amsterdam World Waternet, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Palm Bout Urban Landscape), together with a Chinese expert from China South Technology University have given a training on 20 November 2019 in Zhuhai about Resilient City Development’s principles, strategy and implementation. The experts have given following lectures:

  • Managing compound flood risks under climate change, especially in the delta areas of Zhuhai
  • Flood risk and water management in the Netherlands
  • Resilient City Development in the Netherlands
  • Resilient City Development in Zhuhai, EC-Link pilot projects in Zhuhai

The training has raised awareness of participants for the consequences of climate change and thus the importance of Resilient City Development, it has also improved the capacity and ability for the implementation for the resilient city. At last but not at least, the training addressed the cooperation of different organizations and emphasized that advanced technical & scientific methods are a must.

On 21 November, the Dutch experts, together with Chinese experts from Zhuhai Water Authority, Urban Planning Bureau, Housing and Urban Development Bureau and other related organizations have hold a workshop focusing on Zhuhai lover’s road (30 km long scenic road along the coastline) and other vulnerable areas in Zhuhai concerning flood prevention.

Throughout the workshop, all participants noticed that an integrated method and cooperation among national, provincial, municipal and district organizations are crucial for achieving the goal -flood prevention. The cost and benefit ratio/effect are also very import for decision making.

The training & workshop belongs to a series of pilot actions within EC-LINK project -Zhuhai pilot city. Firstly resilient principals and toolboxes are worked out, later these have been  applied in practice, implemented on different scales. These actions are not just one-time solutions for specific areas in Zhuhai, but aiming at a large scale in Chinese cities, from which Chinese professionals will develop their own methods.

 What we have done: planning & organizing the training & workshop.

 Our clients and cooperation partners: EU Delegation in Beijing, Zhuhai Housing and Urban Development Bureau, World Waternet.