Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen visited the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland

A delegation of Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen visited in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland from 10 to 19 October 2017. The main themes of their visit are urban renewal; redevelopment of port areas/industrial area; sustainable mobility; social housing development and the development of characteristic small towns.

The delegation has attended presentations about the development of Almere, given by experts from the municipality of Almere. Main topics were reclamation, sustainable urban development, water management and land administration policy. Moreover, the delegation had the opportunity to visit Almere Floriade 2022 World Garden Expo’s areas by boat.

In Rotterdam, the delegation has visited KCAP Planning & Architectural Office. A presentation about the development of Schiphol Airport’s and other important projects was held by Mr. Gietema, partner of KCAP. Then, the delegation visited Timmerhuis, Markthal and Justus van Geffen complex in order to see projects related to urban regeneration and social housing development. The delegation visited IJburg in Amsterdam as well.

The Shenzhen delegation was invited by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Hamburg. They have been given a presentation about the newest urban development in Hamburg by Senior urban planner Mr. Sempell. Afterwards they visited innovatively redeveloped areas such as HafenCity and Mitte Altona.

The delegation traveled to Zurich and has visited important project Europaallee under the guide tour of KCAP Office in Zurich (Switzerland).


  •             What we have done:                      

     making visit program and guiding the delegation

    contact with different organizations, e.g. ministry,  municipality, architects firms

    invitation for the delegation

    interpreting during their official visit

    Clients & cooperated partners:

    Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen

    Municipality Almere, the Netherlands

    KCAP in Rotterdam & Zurich

    Ministry of Urban Planning & Housing, Hamburg