Sino-Dutch Architects Consortium won the 3rd prize of Shandong (China) International Planning Competition

East-West Urban Consultancy (EWUC) has facilitated the cooperation between Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd and Rotterdam architectural offices (Ja Joubert Architecture & Office Overzee). The consortium has been shortlisted for the international solicitation of urban design schemes for ecological pastoral towns in Shanghe New District, Yanghe Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province (April 2023).

EWUC has also guided and coordinated the design process in the 2nd round design process.

The scheme of the consortium is characterized by ecological food forest and adaptation to local conditions, which can be developed in phases and sustainably. In addition, plant forests, agricultural Silicon Valley and tourism and leisure will be the characteristics of future built up area. Finally, the scheme of the Sino-Dutch Consortium has won the third prize.

What we have done: forming the Sino-Dutch consortium, coordinating the plan process and final results production.

 Our clients: Arcplus (Shanghai, China), Ja Joubert Architecture & Office Overzee (Rotterdam, Netherlands)