Lecture for Avans college- Department of building and infrastructure

On 9 October 2020, East West Urban Consultancy has given a lecture on resilient city development to the students of Avans college -Academy of building and infrastructure.

The students are 4th year students from different disciplines: architecture, urban planning and civil engineer & water management

The lecture started with the resilient city development principles, then the Dutch methods and approaches for archiving resilient city development were introduced. Finally, pilot projects of EC-LINK project (Europe -Chin Eco City link project) implemented in Zhuhai, GuangDong province have been showed as good examples of resilient city development. Important key points were stated: cooperation among all stakeholders from different organizations at various levels, involvement of local residents in the process of resilient city development.

After the lecture, a Q& A session was held for further information and clarification. The lecture was well received by students and lectors of the Avans College.

Client: Avans college-department of building & infrastructure