Research on COVID-19 & sustainable urban planning and city development

COVID-19 epidemy has changed our life and work tremendously, which has made us to think: how can we develop our cities more sustainably, how to use the natural resources, how to keep our environment and follow its’ own rules? Chinese cities have been in the frontier of researching COVID-19 epidemy and city development. In April 2020, Wuhan Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau has organized a research that consists most important cities in the world -how to react COVID-19 in the short period, what does it mean for the city structure, city infrastructure and government strategies and polices.

East & West Urban Consultancy is invited to make a research of the Netherlands. We have done a research based on the urbanization of the Netherlands, cities’ layout, population, infrastructure systems and medical supply system. Later on, we have also made a report on the base of trend and change of the people’s life and work style because of the COVID-19, urban planning and city development can go to a different direction. Both articles can be viewed at wechat-ewuc.