Public Participation Shishan Neighbourhood (Zhuhai)

In June 2019, on behalf of the EC-LINK project, a Dutch expert team (World waternet, Palmbout Urban Landscapes, Rijkswaterstaat) was invited by Zhuhai Xiangzhou District, Shihan Neighbourhood Committee to redesign different public squares. The goal is to revitalize the locations with the concept of resilient city development, also with the participation of local residents so that the resilience principals can be spread to every level of the society.

The expert team visited four locations with the guide of representatives of Shishan Neighbourhood committee. They have listened and talked to the residents the problems and their wishes. Afterwards, a workshop with more than 50 people has taken place, where the residents could react at experts’ proposal. After some intensive design and planning, the expert-team has given another presentation to the related stakeholders. These designs will push the realization of these public squares forward.

Through the public participation, the resilient principals that Dutch expert-team has designed for Zhuhai have been applied in different scales, but also the awareness of local residents for resilient city development has been raised and thus the responsibility of everyone.

What we have done: planning & organizing the activity, design and advice on public spaces in Shishan Neighborhood.

Our clients and cooperation partners: EU Delegation in Beijing, China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, Zhuhai Shishan Neighborhood Committee.