Project proposal Urban Regeneration Strategy for Beijing

East & West Urban Consultancy has initiated with Beijing Urban Planning & Design Research Institute for project “Urban Regeneration Strategy for Built Areas (1950–2000) in Beijing”. Together with Beijing University of Technology, BGSV Urban Planning, Molenaar & Co Architects, TU Delft and Stedplan, we have formed a kern group who will take actions in Beijing. We have submitted our project proposal for the Creative Industries Fund  NL in January 2017.

This project is also widely supported by The Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The Missing Link, Döll Architects and Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen, University Groningen. These organizations & companies will act as a think tank for our project team.

The aims are:

  • To increase awareness about the need to preserve and rehabilitate neighbourhoods of cultural and historical significance in Chinese cities.
  • To advise and assist Chinese professionals to develop strategies and policies for urban regeneration taking into consideration cultural heritage, focusing on declining residential neighbourhoods, vacant industrial areas, and downgraded community centres.
  • To educate (through training) Chinese urban planners on urban regeneration projects and process management, including dealing with different stakeholders, negotiating, compromising and maximizing each party’s benefits and interests mindful of cultural heritage values.
  • To stimulate knowledge exchange on sustainable urban regeneration between the Netherlands and China, including academics from TU Delft and Beijing Technology Universities, urban planners and architects from the Netherlands and various urban planning organizations in Beijing.
  • To enhance cooperation between government organizations by facilitating the participation of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute.
  • To promote Dutch creative industries related to urban regeneration and cultural heritage in the Chinese market.

Actions will be taken after our proposal being approved and partly financed by the Creative Industrial Fund NL between April – November 2017 such as:

  • Organize “Sustainable Urban Regeneration with Cultural Heritage” seminar.
  • Organize workshops related to different case studies in Beijing.
  • Training for Chinese professionals in the Netherlands.