Book Yangtze & Rhine river basins comparison study published

“Yangtze & Rhine River Basins 1950-2050, Mapping and comparing urbanisation, environmental pollution, climate adaptation and decarbonisation” is written by PBL Netherlands Environmental assessment Agency and China Academy of urban Planning and Research Institute, has been published in December 2022 by PBL Publisher. East West Urban Consultancy has translated the book into Chinese. The book is published in English and Chinese text combined.

This book exploited the consequences of urbanization, industrialization, water works and agriculture for these two river basins. Furthermore, it compares urbanisation, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution, climate change adaptation and decarbonisation in these two regions. Finally, observations on the interplay between environmental and spatial policies in the Yangtze and Rhine River basins and further steps are proposed.

The results from this study confirm the initial observation from a CCICED Round Table, held in 2019, a comparison between these rivers can be mutually interesting for regional planners, policymakers and other stakeholders. Later in the plan of 2023-2027, a deeply study will be continued.