Lecture at International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing

On 18 June 2019 a seminar on sponge city was organized by Dutch Floriade World 

Expo 2022 at INBAR pavilion, the theme was climate resilient strategies for water sensitive cities. It aimed to discuss different approaches of urban design to minimize environmental degradation, scaling up investments in water supply and integrated urban water cycle, innovation in sustainable urban drainage and groundwater Systems and Sponge City aesthetics and recreational appeal.

In the seminar, Mr. Goet, Secretary-General of Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has given the opening speech addressing the importance of the sustainability of our eco-system. Furthermore, lectures have been given on urban wetlands and sponge city approaches, effective management of groundwater for urban and agriculture areas. 

East West Urban Consultancy Ms. X.Ruan has given a lecture on implementation resilience in Zhuhai with an integrated approach on different scale. The presentation has concluded and emphasized that the resilient city development is a task of everyone, not only the city decision makers, technical experts, but also citizens.  The presentation was well received by the participants who were from different countries, e.g. China, the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries from south east Asia, middle east and Africa. 

Afterwards, Ms. Ruan was interviewed by CCTV – English channel to talk about the resilient city development in both China and Europe.