Interview by China Daily about historical neighbourhood revitalization

In recent years China has emphasized nationwide -urban renewal. Government organizations from all levels (national, provincial and municipal) promote renovation of existing buildings, especially of those buildings built between 1950-2000. 

China Daily (International Edition) has interviewed East West Urban Consultancy and visited project Justus van Effen in Rotterdam. Ms. Xiaocun Ruan introduced the background and context of the project and explained the procedure of the renovation. Furthermore, resident from this neighbourhood has given a tour of her apartment, in addition the manager of this compound has explained his task of maintenance. 

Project Justus van Effen has won Dutch national and Rotterdam municipal prizes for historical neighbourhood renovation, even more it has won the international prize for historical building’s renovation and reusing in New York. This project can be a role model for many existing neighbourhoods in Chinese cities. The key points are: multi sectors/organizations’ cooperation and sufficient financial support from the different stakeholders are keystones for a successful redevelopment.