East West Urban Consultancy on a mission to China

East West Urban Consultancy has successfully visited China from 21 September to 30 September 2016. EWUC has participated Annual Urban Planning Conference (7000 participates) in Shenyang and got to know the recent trends and tasks of urban development in China.

Afterwards EWUC has attended different seminars, conferences, network meetings in relation to the visit of minister Schultz from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & environment and the delegation of South Holland to Beijing and Shanghai. Topics such as sponge city, water management and land administration were discussed among the Chinese and Dutch experts.

Furthermore, EWUC has visited its clients and discussed training programme and study visits for 2017. Urban regeneration and sponge city are the most important themes for Chinese urban development. Furthermore, cultural heritage & identities are more and more considered by an area redevelopment. People tend to emphasis quality more than quantity.