Call for participation in the workshop Masterplan CFLD in Hebei, China

China Fortune Land Development Co.,Ltd. (market Cap $ 10 Billion in May 2016) is going to develop an area in Gu’ An city at Hebei Province. The area is located at 50 km south of Beijing with a surface of 8 km2.

The area should be developed as a show case for China Fortune Land Development where its main company buildings, multifunctions facilities are located such as sport facilities, culture, shopping and service industry.

The most important is football stadium which will be built in the new town, which will be the home training basis for Hebei China Fortune F.C football club. Other facilities such as leisure, entertainment, shopping centre, restaurants and hotels will be also included in the plan. Furthermore a central park, cinemas, cultural centre, Fortune university, offices space and housing will make this brand new town very attractive.

A serie of workshops (3 successive workshops in 3 weeks) will be held in Beijing at the end of May till mid June 2016. Urban planning and urban design companies that are good at conceptual plans are invited to join the workshops. The workshops will generate some inspiring ideas for the starting points of the master plan. A generous consulting fee will be paid for the attending companies.

East West Urban consultancy is commissioned to recommend suitable European urban planning firms to join the brainstorm sessions.