China’s new policy against gated communities!

On 21st February 2016, Chinese central government published a document -CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening urban planning and construction management.

One of the most policies that caused most discussion in the public is:

To promote the open structure of new residential areas, in principle, not to develop anymore the so called gated community or closed residential area. Furthermore, already built gated communities should open their gates and boundaries”

Since 1990, China has developed many gated residential areas in cities – especially the expensive residential areas enjoy the most secure controls in order to guarantee the safety of their residents and their property. One of the selling points of many new built residential areas is the severe control and guard system in the residential area.

Now the Central government calls for gradually taking off the walls and the gates, while the residents raise their opposite opinions very strongly. People are worried about their safety of their home, about the worsened traffic situation in their residential area, too many cars will pass through the area and perhaps people fear that other people who are less wealthy will share the greens and beautiful environment with them.

Since then, many discussions appeared and there are several pro- and con arguments. In general, it is a good sign of limiting social segregation, furthermore this action will lead to decrease traffic congestion. The document does not state in which period it has to be achieved and how, but it is a guideline for urban development in China in the future.